Phil Krone


Yes, You Can Differentiate a Commodity

Here’s how. Research what your market likes and dislikes about your product, understand specifically why customers come to you, and, the old standby: “think creatively.” A producer of a graphite oil additive for the car dealership market was taking the company in a new direction and knew they needed to build a much more effective sales organization. They had recently

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Sales Reps and SMEs Working Well Together

Team selling with subject matter experts can be the best sales experience you’ll ever have–or the worst. Training and practice for sales reps and SMEs can benefit everyone, especially the prospect. Over the years, I’ve sold with nuclear power-plant engineers, lawyers, real estate developers, software designers, and other highly talented and knowledgeable subject matter experts, or SMEs. There’s nothing like

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What’s Your Success Question for 2024?

What are your objectives for the coming year? It’s a question I often ask people in business, and it’s not just because I’m curious. That question, and the answers, tell me whether our services might help those people to reach those objectives. That question is especially effective as a conversation starter at networking events because most of us generally like

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Will Your Salespeople Finish Strong? 2023 Is Closing Down Fast

Q4 is just beginning and with less than 90 days left in the year. Are your sales where they should be? Is your marketing turning up the right leads? Is your growth plan on track? Check out these proven ways to sharpen sales. It’s true. Slow, challenging, or uncertain times call for more investment in sales and marketing, not less. But few businesses bite that

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Back to School, Back to Business

The summer holidays are over and the winter holidays aren’t yet here. But excitement is in the air because autumn always feels like a new beginning. Make the most of all that energy by energizing your networking. Here are some tips. To get started, let’s ask a question: Is networking the lifeblood of selling? Most business-to-business salespeople we know would say

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Build Bridges to Build Sales

Who should control prospect and customer relationships to maximize revenue? The obvious answer—the salesperson—isn’t necessarily the right answer. While someone must lead and manage an account, controlling all aspects is not the best use of a salesperson’s time. For larger accounts, especially, building as many bridges between buyer and seller as possible is almost always the best way to serve both

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Take Off Like Top Gun

Are you feeling a “need for speed” right about now? If so, that probably means one of two things. With just six months to go in the year you might not be on track to meet your sales goals. Or, maybe you see an opportunity to surpass your goals and put even more points on the board. Getting on either track

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What’s Different about Differentiation Today?

  The answer is a head-scratcher, but it’s true: Nothing—and everything. Differentiation has long been a watchword in business. But recently, amid pervasive disruption and fierce competition in many markets, our clients and prospects seem to be more concerned than ever about knowing exactly how they’re different and then how to leverage that differentiation. You can feel the urgency. The

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Team Selling Magic: Sales Reps and SMEs

An old joke defined experts as “people who know more and more about less and less until they know all about nothing.” If that joke were ever funny, it isn’t any more. That the word has become an almost meaningless communications cliché is bad news. Real-life experts are no joke because they’re critical to our well-being today and tomorrow. They

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Manufacturing Is Back!

Have you ever stared into your refrigerator, increasingly desperate to find food or drink that you know is there? Has your significant other ever strolled by and said, “Oh, it’s right there, right in front”? Well, it can be the same way in business. Your business isn’t a refrigerator, and we’re clearly not your significant other. But we might see things about

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