Brochures, Sell Sheets

Brochures, Sell Sheets

Nobody wins business just because of a brochure, but you can often be excluded from the short list of companies competing for business. As you seek and achieve increased exposure in the marketplace over time, you are building a brand. While you can’t completely control your image, you can influence it with the right marketing communications materials.

Brochures, sell sheets, post cards, trade-show banners and promotional materials, e-mails, letters, social media-all of these vehicles and more play a key role in communicating your company’s capabilities, why your company is different from your competitors, and, more important, why your company is better. With our model, you can select all components of a service or any single component to purchase a la carte-from printing to copywriting to graphic design to project management.

Whether it’s a straightforward sell sheet for a specific product or product line, a pocket-size piece touching on the highlights of your professional services, or a complex, multi-functional brochure, we help you clarify the purpose, develop the key message or messages you want communicated, create copy and design, and deliver your piece in print or in a digital file ready for any use.

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