Business Growth

Business Growth

Growth planning doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process. Our “Three-Year Growth Plan in Three Days” model makes the most of your executive team’s valuable time and results in both organization and individual accountabilities. (One and two-day programs are also available.)

Our process provides neutral process leadership and facilitation, pinpoints strengths and weaknesses, and provides direction for companies seeking consensus on these key growth issues from its management team. Companies utilizing our growth planning services are often seeking new ways to become more profitable, responding to new competitive threats, or seeking the best way to take advantage of changes, including technology, in their marketplace.

A primary goal is to achieve and implement greater differentiation from competition in ways that will enable the company to command a higher premium for its products or services. Market share is also impacted by a successful plan.

Here are some questions our growth-planning services can help to resolve:

  • Which distribution channels can be optimized for sustainable competitive advantage?
  • Do you and your team have a lot of “good” ideas but don’t know which to pursue?
  • How can emerging technology provide your company with a competitive advantage?
  • Are you losing a marketplace advantage because your competitors’ are using technology more effectively than you are?
  • Are your per employee revenues below industry benchmarks?
  • Are you tempted to open new distribution channels but are afraid to risk destroying your current marketplace?
  • Are you looking for a new niche, product or process mix, or distribution channel or sell through?
  • Do you want to expand your geographic scope from local to regional, from regional to national, or from national to global?
  • How sustainable is the competitive advantage you enjoy in your market?
  • How are you vulnerable to competition?
  • Are you considering acquisitions or joint ventures as part of your corporate growth strategy?
  • Is your company’s marketing strategy supporting your corporate strategic planning?
  • Are you interested in changing the profitability of your firm significantly?
  • How much money should you invest to generate a specific amount of additional sales in the coming months?
  • What if the business came from new customers who would continue to buy the same amount of goods and services again next year?
  • What if the growth plan we helped develop could be used by your team to generate new revenue without more consulting fees?

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