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Call Center Services

Market research, customer satisfaction surveys, inbound calls and appointment setting or lead generation services are handled by our experienced marketing and call center personnel. We offer reliable and efficient call center services that are designed to enhance sales and leads.

Do you have too few opportunities for your sales force to call on? Is morale of the sales force low? Does your sales force have a high turnover? Does your sales force spend too much time trying to set up appointments?

Simply put, our lead generation and appointment setting process delivers increased communications for our clients. That additional customer communication results in direct sales or sales appointments and, ultimately, increased business. Our call center and lead generation services are structured to help uncover important information about market trends, discover public opinions on issues vital to our client, raise funds, or build customer relations.

Our clients sell business to business and often offer relatively sophisticated products and services. Our call center and appointment setting solutions provide a professional and “seamless” experience to their prospective clients. Members of our dedicated staff of professionals have a minimum of ten years experience each in corporate sales, corporate communications and advertising. Our call center and lead generation services are designed to help you gather information about your market.

Productive Strategies can work from your database or develop one for you. Our call center solutions are highly targeted to minimize wasted calls. The fewer wasted calls, the more efficient we are for you. We work closely with you to determine exactly who you want to reach and focus all our energies to capturing that market. Once we know the parameters, we call only those targets. Our value to our clients is in leveraging their time and providing dynamic information and opportunities.

Our call center solutions deliver an ongoing stream of feedback to clients. By fax, e-mail or direct calls, our call center keeps clients current on prospect feedback, appointments, and contacts. That communication keeps our direction and vision clear, and enables us to be immediately responsive to your needs.

Productive Strategies is fully staffed to handle inbound 800 number calls as well as our traditional outbound appointment making services.

Why people buy appointment setting

To increase the morale of the sales force.
To ensure that sales people have a sufficient number of calls.
To have sufficient calls to gauge their success rate.
To lower the cost of obtaining an appointment.
To reduce the cost of sales calls (through backfilling).
To increase the quality or size of the average sale.
To penetrate areas where there is no sales office.
They hate cold calling.
They are not good at cold calling.
They want a positive first impression, and they can’t give it after cold calling.
They want PSI to move the prospect through the sales cycle beyond initial contact.
They want us to cover accounts that are not currently covered by a sales person.
They want us to go back and try to re-penetrate former accounts.
The sales force is busy servicing existing accounts, leaving very little time for new business development. Our telemarketing leverages their time and assures that the process of new business generation will continue regardless of how busy they are.
To lower the cost of turnover of the sales force: When setting their own appointments the sales people can’t make quota and tend to quit. With an automated system they are more likely to succeed.
To check out a new territory and develop business in it without having to open a sales office.
They were unable to sustain the process on their own or could not book appointments.
They want to maximize the higher use of top executives’ time.
They hope to lower the turnover of the sales force (by enabling them to be successful and giving them reason to stay).
They want to attack a new niche market and the quantity of leads is too large for in-house resources to cover.

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