Cold Calling Services & Campaigns

Calling Campaigns

Calling Campaigns To Target & Reach Customers Or Partners

Our calling campaigns and cold calling services range from highly productive lead generation and appointment setting to helping fill conferences or seminars with attendees to informing customers of changes in regulations to soliciting prospects thoughts on new products or services to-just about anything related to telephone marketing activities. We also have extensive list-development capabilities that target your campaigns.

Cold Calling Services

For example, we’re effective at supporting direct mail or e-mail campaigns with cold calling services and campaigns to launch them, maintain them, or follow up afterward. We once called to inform a company’s dissatisfied customers that the company was under new ownership and to explain why service would become much better.

Access New Customers & Market Segments With Calling Campaigns.

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Cold Calling Services That Deliver Qualified Customers & Partners

Do you have too few qualified opportunities for your sales force? Is morale low? Is there high turnover? Does your sales force spend too much time cold calling or trying to set up appointments?

Simply put, our cold calling services, campaigns, and business development solutions will help enhance your communications and sales process. That additional customer communication from our cold calling services results in providing our clients not only with sales appointments and increased business but also with important information about market trends, public opinions on issues vital to our clients, raising funds, filling seminars or conferences with attendees, or building customer relations.

Strengthen Your Marketing Campaigns With Our Calling Services

And be sure to ask about the variety of other calling services we can provide to support and strengthen your marketing activities. We call to . . .

Revitalize Inactive accounts
Nurture inactive prospects
Learn about the market place through such tools as customer satisfaction surveys or product concept tests
Correct addresses from returned mail
Follow up on accounts receivable
Drive traffic to a Web site
Put people in seats for seminars/workshops
Support trade show activity with pre or post show calling programs
Connect with customers after an acquisition, informing them of the transaction, for example, or getting their input on how to strengthen the relationship
Inform prospects, customers, or the market in general about special opportunities-government rebate programs, for instance.
Return customer service inquiries your company might not have capacity to handle.
Follow up with prospects after on-line webinars.

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