What’s Different about Differentiation Today?

  The answer is a head-scratcher, but it’s true: Nothing—and everything. Differentiation has long been a watchword in business. But recently, amid pervasive disruption and fierce competition in many markets, our clients and prospects seem to be more concerned than ever about knowing exactly how they’re different and then how to leverage that differentiation. You can feel the urgency. The

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Is Differentiation Really Worth the Effort?

Do you wonder whether differentiating your company will yield a significant ROI? Maybe you wonder whether your company can be differentiated at all. Most owners, presidents, and CEOs would agree that the short answer to the question “Does Differentiation Add Value?” is “yes.” So, then the focus moves to the question behind the question: “Is Differentiating Our Company Really Worth the

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Happy Sweet Sixteen to…Us!

Productive Strategies turns 16 this month: July 2009. And, yes, we’re very happy to be here. But we didn’t do it by ourselves. We had plenty of help from people like you, and we learned more than a few lessons along the way. We’d like to share five (and a half) of those lessons and recognize some of the individuals

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Position Your Sales Team to Succeed

We’re half way through the year. Has your team put a winning sales puzzle together or are there still holes in the picture of success you want to create? In this mid-year special report, Senior Consultant Don Minner poses 10 questions to think about in order to make the most of the second half of the sales year. If you’re

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