Offshoring and the Failure of Selling

The good news is that manufacturing is returning to the U.S. The bad news is that much of it should never have left in the first place. During some 20 years as an owner of a manufacturing company and in charge of business development, I became convinced that a large portion of the manufacturing work being outsourced from the U.S. should

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Want Growth? Think Transition, not Change

Why do so many businesses “drop out”? One always easy answer is that they fail to “change.” But there’s a lot more to it than that.Three things inspired this column: A recent sampling of our readers, America’s high school dropout crisis, and my daughter. First, in a recent sample, a number of our readers told us they want to hear

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Disruptor or Disrupted: Which Will Your Business Be?

n September, I moderated a panel on market disruption for about 40 middle-market business owners, CEOs, and presidents. Information and insights came not only from the expert panel members (listed below) but also from the senior leadership audience. The panel was part of a larger, day-long event attended by 125 C-suite leaders who networked, heard speakers, and shared experiences. The day

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Your Company and Jurassic Park

Why success or failure depends on finding chaos in our companies before it finds us. Q: What does your company share with Jurassic Park? A: A make-or-break potential for chaos. In the original Jurassic Park movie, the character played by Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm) immediately identified the enterprise as “an accident waiting to happen.” An expert in chaos theory, he was brought in to answer

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Is Your Business ‘Owner-Proof’?

What do we mean by “owner-proofing”? Simply put, we mean building yourself a business that will run nearly as well, or better, without you. In other words, build a “company,” not a “practice.” Here’s an example of an owner who, with our help, solved his owner-proofing problem before it was too late and went on to build the value of the

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Always ‘All In’ to Be the Best

What makes Duke’s Coach K a “living sustainable competitive advantage”? How can you apply it to your company?  In January, Duke University’s already legendary basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski-Coach K-became the first NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball coach to win 1,000 games. In business jargon, Coach K is a living “sustainable competitive advantage.” He’s also coached the US Olympics team to four gold medals, won four NCAA National Championships at Duke,

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Celebrating 20 Years in Business: Thank-You!

We knew where we wanted to go but not how to get there. Our clients taught us a great lesson about business growth that put us on the right path and has kept us there ever since. By Phil Krone, President I took the entrepreneurial plunge 20 years ago in July and launched my own marketing and management consulting firm,

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Another Look at ADHD in Sales

In April we published a column–“Is ADHD Affecting Your Sales Results?”–about how ADHD might affect some salespeople, their managers, and their productivity. A number of readers told us they were surprised that the prevalence of ADHD in salespeople may be twice that of the general population. Others felt they had just looked into a mirror. A manufacturing CEO–who is also

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Women As Game Changers

Some 25 years ago I gained an insightabout women, sports, and business that continues to unfold even today. At a dinner I was seated next to Phil Purcell, then chairman of Dean Witter, a large financial services firm and a division of Sears. I mentioned that my seven-year-old daughter was the only girl on a co-ed basketball team. What he said

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When the Tough Get Going, Where Do They Go?

We’ve all heard the saying, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” and we’ve no doubt used it to inspire our troops or ourselves from time to time. And why not? It’s a tried-and-true power-of-positive-thinking gem. Even better, it’s versatile. It can be said with a smile or a frown. It throws down a dangerous-sounding non-challenge without placing

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