Ready, Set, Network!

The holidays are already on the horizon, and they offer many business and social opportunities for productive networking. Our recommended mantra—”Give Before You Get”—is in tune with the season. The question is “Just how can I do that?” To get started, let’s ask a question:  Is networking the lifeblood of selling? Many business-to-business salespeople would probably say “Yes!” We know that

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Where Do You Get Your New Business?

The who, what, when, where, why, and how that you need for a banner year. “Where do you get your new business?” is a question we’re asked a lot, especially since we teach business-to-business consultative selling skills and sales process development. People expect us to have a good answer, and we do—”referrals.” Unfortunately, those same people usually aren’t satisfied with

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Do Prospects Respond to Your Voice Mails and E-Mails?

If a voice mail doesn’t generate a callback, has anyone listened to it? If an e-mail doesn’t inspire a response, has anyone read it? We just don’t know, and we might never know. We can feel ignored, frustrated, and discouraged. Does a “no-response” mean: no interest, too busy, spam-blocker extreme, technology glitch, no longer at this address, or . . .

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