Where Do You Get Your New Business?

The who, what, when, where, why, and how that you need for a banner year. “Where do you get your new business?” is a question we’re asked a lot, especially since we teach business-to-business consultative selling skills and sales process development. People expect us to have a good answer, and we do—”referrals.” Unfortunately, those same people usually aren’t satisfied with

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Do Prospects Respond to Your Voice Mails and E-Mails?

If a voice mail doesn’t generate a callback, has anyone listened to it? If an e-mail doesn’t inspire a response, has anyone read it? We just don’t know, and we might never know. We can feel ignored, frustrated, and discouraged. Does a “no-response” mean: no interest, too busy, spam-blocker extreme, technology glitch, no longer at this address, or . . .

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