Our Courses

Our Courses

ALL COURSES are offered as “public/open” and “private/closed.” Anyone may register for public classes. Closed classes consist of participants from only one company or organization. To register for either type of class or for more information, contact Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Ext. 1 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com.

Locations: All open classes are at our offices in Northfield, Illinois, at 2 Northfield Plaza, Suite 365, Northfield, IL 60093. They are just north of the intersection of the Edens Expressway and Willow Road and west of the expressway. Clients select closed-course locations throughout the U.S. and in Europe.

CONSULTATIVE SELLING: FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Presentation

Develop consultative selling skills and a sales process customized to individual industries, companies, and business developers.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com

The FOCIS® course includes four separate in-class sessions over three months plus reinforcement, custom-sales process development, and coaching on current business opportunities between classes.

How do rainmakers stay on top? In any company or firm, 20 percent of the business developers bring in 80 percent of the business. They out-produce other sales reps and business developers at a rate of as much as 15 to 1. We teach just how the top producers meet their goals.

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NEGOTIATING SKILLS FOR TODAY: FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Negotiations

This interactive workshop provides two days of learning, skill-building, and role-playing that tackle the new negotiating challenges of today’s business world. This course covers negotiation and persuasive communication.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008, Extension 1 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com

Public/Open Session: Dates to be determined. The course is two all-day sessions.

Is a win-win approach to negotiation always the best way to go? When do you “play hardball” to get what you need? What are the keys to preparing for a negotiation?

These questions and many others are answered in  FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Negotiations, a two-day, interactive course that builds contemporary negotiating skills.

FOCIS® Negotiating is based on the discovery principles of consultative selling applied to another skill essential for success in business and is a course in both negotiation and communication. The course is modular with a variety of examples, exercises, and role plays that build on each other from one session to the next. Each participant receives a practical, 147-page workbook that reinforces course content.

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WARM UP TO COLD CALLING: Phone Skills for Business Development

Few business developers like to make cold calls on the telephone. But they can make those calls much more productive by learning the skills, techniques, and customized processes that lead to success.

Contact: Scott Pemberton at 847-446-0008 Extension 3 or spemberton@productivestrategies.com

This practical, half-day course helps participants build the skills needed for successful, business-to-business cold calling on the phone, practice those skills through role-playing, and develop calling guides customized for their industry, market, and personal strengths and preferences. Turn cold calling into a welcome challenge, not a dreaded burden, by learning how the most effective professional business developers make cold calls work for them.

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Do you sometimes feel unsure about how successful you are when presenting in front of groups, guiding meetings with colleagues, or persuading family and friends?

This popular two-day interactive course focuses on individual opportunities for improving delivery and making the most of already developed presentation and communications strengths.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com

Designed to take your presentation and communication skills to the “next level”-your next level-the course not only increases your confidence but also your effectiveness. The facilitator’s goals are to identify opportunities for improvement while enhancing each participant’s natural presentation strengths.

Highly interactive and energizing, this workshop is dedicated to creating a safe, collaborative, and productive learning environment.

What does that mean? You’ll learn, practice, and adapt proven delivery methods to better connect with audiences of all sizes. Additionally, you’ll experience the value of professional and peer critiques as well as a private, guided self-assessment of your presentations videotaped in class

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Increasing Referrals

This one-half day course helps you develop the skills and behaviors you need to boost the number of usable referrals you receive while laying the groundwork for continuing referrals over the course of your career.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com

Our referrals course consists of one, four-hour session.

Open classes are conducted at the Productive Strategies offices in Northfield, Illinois, just north of the intersection of the Edens Expressway and Willow Road and west of the expressway.

Increasing Referrals This course teaches the skills and behaviors to be the best you can be It offers four hours of professional skills development training, customization for your market and industry, and practical exercises and role plays. Corporate groups learn how to begin building a “referrals” culture. Are you and your company getting enough referrals?  Are the referrals you get paying off in business?

The 43-page workbook for the course is designed to clarify and support the concepts and takeaways of the course for participants. Each participant purchases a personal copy. Referrals training can be provided at your office, our office, or anywhere in the US that is convenient for you or your group.

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