Customized Presentation Development

Customized Presentation Development

Do your sales and business development presentations persuade-or educate?
Not surprisingly, most presentations we see are not persuasive. Instead, they simply educate and are too often more “canned” than “planned.” Many salespeople have struggled using their company’s presentation because it was ineffective.

We’ll work with you and your unique challenges to create planned, persuasive presentations that can be readily adapted to different selling or business development environments. We also audit existing presentations and advise on strategy, content, graphics, and delivery.

Our process of developing customer presentations for clients includes research to determine strategy, positioning, and content. We create words, visuals, and ideas that motivate a prospect to make a rapid and favorable decision and put them all together for use in a variety of media. Then we train your sales people and business developers to use the presentations we develop in the most effective ways.

Typical results have been to cut the sales cycle in half, double the odds of closing a sale, and reduce by 25 percent the time for new sales people to become cost effective.

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