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Customized Sales Process Development and Sales Training

Boost Your Sales With a Customized Sales Process

What are the skills used by the top sales producers-the 20 percent of business developers who account for 70 to 80 percent of new business generated annually? Top sales producers approach sales differently than the rest of the sales force. We offer extensive sales training and management services to help small and large businesses boost sales. Productive Strategies teaches sales skills that have been proven successful in every field of business.

Enhance Your Sales Process With Our Sales Training

Learn how to stay in control of the sales process, reduce or eliminate the number of objections from your prospects, double your success rate on non-referred sales leads, and shorten your sales cycle.

Sales Training Services

Professional sales people, as well as executives and professionals across industries, find our consultative sales training and sales support services to be highly productive. Corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs, software developers, lawyers, engineers, accountants, and others who may not be professional sales representatives often carry responsibilities as business developers in addition to their primary tasks. Our customized sales training, sales process development, and sales management services help them become much more efficient at selling.

Develop a Sales Process That Fits Your Industry & Business.

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Join the FOCIS Sales Training Course to Gain Persuasive Selling Skills

Our 16-hour FOCIS® Sales Training course is customized for each client and that client’s specific market or markets. FOCIS® Sales Training in persuasive selling is most effective where the goods and services being sold carry high value, there is risk to the buyer, the willingness of the buyer to assume risk is low, multiple sales calls are required, a continuing relationship is implied by the sale, the seller is difficult to separate from what’s being sold, the decision to buy is not made in the seller’s presence, and a group, not an individual, is making the decision.

In addition, even though skilled consultative selling, sales training, and a customized sales process can reduce the need for negotiating, the back and forth of negotiations is present in nearly every business dealing.

Sign up for our FOCIS® Sales Training course to receive customized sales training. Our sales management and support instructors will help you master the sales process to boost revenue and business growth opportunities.

Our 16-hour FOCIS® Negotiations Training course is based on the discovery principles of consultative selling but applied to effective negotiating, another skill essential for success in business. The course is modular with a variety of examples, exercises, and role plays that build on each other from one session to the next, making liberal use of a highly interactive, 147-page workbook. The course emphasizes skills and thought processes designed to understand what matters to the other side of the table and to use that knowledge for leverage as needed. The goal is to achieve an outcome that creates value for both sides.

Sign up for our FOCIS® Negotiations Training course to learn the negotiating skills you need to grow your business.

Free Sales Process Complimentary Assessment

Be sure to ask us for a complimentary assessment of how much more business you could be bringing in with improved skills and processes in consultative selling and negotiating. Our sales training. sales support, and sales process development services are designed to enhance your businesses footprint in your industry.

But first ask yourself: How effective are your company or firm’s sales, business development, and negotiation efforts? Consider these questions:

How Effective Are Your Sales Efforts? Consider These Questions:

Are you satisfied with the success ratio for your existing sales opportunities?
Is the same small group of people bringing in 80 percent of the new business each year?
Are the same people bringing in 80 percent of the new business?
Do you have a customized corporate sales process that individuals are trained to execute?
Would it help you to have an independent source audit your sales process in the same way your accountant audits the financial side of your business?
Do you know why you lost major opportunities recently? Are you sure?
Do most of your prospects tell you your price is too high?
Are you able to persuade prospects that there is a need for your product-or is your sales force simply educating those prospects with an explicit need?
Do you believe that your business is “different” so shortening your sales cycle is not possible?
Can your people motivate your prospects to make early buying decisions?
Your sales people have been trained to answer customer questions, but do they know what to ask prospects to establish their own credibility?
Do you believe you have control over the rate at which your company receives opportunities to quote or make a sale?
After a first sales call, do your sales people feel the prospect fully understands the value of your product?
After your sales person’s call, can your internal contact talk knowledgeably to others inside the company about the problems your products or services solve?
Did you lose any major opportunities in the last year when you felt as if you were “out sold,” when your story wasn’t understood? Do you know why you were not awarded the business?
Does your company need to create more differentiated value for your customers or clients . . . or does your sales force need to become better at communicating that value and getting paid for it?
Which will give you a greater return: More opportunities to meet prospects and quote . . . or a higher percentage of success with the opportunities you already enjoy?
Are you having trouble getting second meetings with prospects?

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