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Lead Generation Strategies & Cold Calling Solutions

Only 3 percent of salespeople like cold-calling and think they are good at it. The other 97 percent avoid it, don’t do it very well, or just don’t do it at all.

That’s where we can help with our professional lead generation strategies, appointment-setting services, and cold calling solutions. Use our experienced, veteran appointment-setters and lead generation services to keep your salespeople doing what you need them to do – making sales. Don’t waste their time (and your investment in them) by making them do all of their own cold calling. Productive Strategies will collaborate with your staff to formulate lead generation strategies that align with your products, services, objectives, and goals.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

Sales Call Appointment Setting: Would your salespeople be more productive if they focused on selling while our staff developed additional qualified business leads and laid the foundation for new appointments?

Back Filling: When you travel to call existing accounts, do you have meetings scheduled with prospects either before or after the scheduled call? How much would your cost of new business development go down if you had appointments booked for you to supplement your “required” travel.

Cost of a Sales Lead: What does it cost you to have your best sales people cold calling generating sales leads? Have you calculated it on a per-new-account basis?

Morale: Are spirits of your sales force low because your representatives don’t have enough opportunities to meet with prospects, and don’t meet quota? Is high turnover the result?

Supplemental Sales/Marketing: Would you occasionally like to supplement the sales, marketing, or your lead generation strategies on an as-needed basis?

Timely Short-Term Sales Lead Generation Campaigns: Have you run short-term sales lead generation campaigns to take advantage of information gained in sales and marketing analysis?

Trade Shows: Do you come away from trade shows with an overabundance of sales lead prospects, but without strategy or resources for follow up and closure?

Investment for More Sales & Business Leads: How much money would you invest to generate an additional million dollars of sales in the coming months? What if the business and sales leads came from new customers who would continue to buy the same goods and services in the same amounts again next year and the year after that? And what if you could achieve such remarkable results without additional consulting help year after year? Based on your margins, what would you be willing to invest to grow your sales and business leads in this manner?

Direct Mail: Do you think direct mail is obsolete, ineffective, and too costly?  Think again. In many cases, direct mail campaigns are the key to ongoing lead generation strategies. Productive Strategies helps clients develop direct mail campaigns, from database creation, to composing your letters to actually fulfilling your direct mail program (addressing, printing, folding, stamping, and mailing).

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