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FOCIS Consultative Selling

"I can't thank you enough for the incredible opportunity to take part in your sales training course these past few months. I think back to the way I used to sell, and I just can't believe that I thought it was a good way to sell. I feel far more comfortable and connected to my prospects than I ever did before your course. My hope is for the Merchandise Mart to make this course standard for every sales team to not only increase the quality and quantity of sales but also to instill a sense of pride and ownership in the jobs we do every day."

--Stephanie Fonda, Former Sales Manager, BuildEx, Chicago Merchandise Mart


"A recent sale I made where I used the FOCIS® concept selling technique was the easiest 10-location sale I have ever made."

--John Taylor, AIR-serv

"I wanted to share some feedback from our call earlier this week. This prospect is our single largest health-plan opportunity in the pipeline, worth over $900 million annually.  I led the call and followed the FOCIS® approach from start to finish. This was easily the most informational and persuasive sales call I have experienced in several years. The prospect brought many of their internal business owners to the meeting, each of whom was an expert in their specific area.  What transpired was literally a FOCIS® clinic. It was such a pleasure to learn so much strategic information from the client. There are still a number of issues that could prevent this deal from happening - but we improved our overall position in a big way. More than ever, I am a BIG BELIEVER in the FOCIS® process.  It really worked! Thanks for all your help in reshaping our selling process."

--Mark Thierer, CEO, Catamaran, Formerly SXC

"We benefited greatly from FOCIS® training."

--Stephen Proctor, Attorney, Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.

"I had some very productive meetings yesterday in Washington D.C.  One customer I met with told us our opportunity to participate in a deal was closed. However, using some basic FOCIS® techniques I kept him talking and understanding the implication of doing this deal alone. I Just found out he is giving us the deal, which is not only a good starter deal for us but maybe the tip of the iceberg for this customer."

--Josh Garret, Bluefish Wireless Management

"I am very concerned with my potential client's needs and if we are providing a quick and efficient solution. FOCIS® taught me how to ask the right questions in the right way. Now with FOCIS®, I know our prospects are truly being heard, beyond what typical training methods teach, such as simply 'get to know your customer by asking questions and then listening.'  We are continuing to build stronger, more 'consultative' relationships than by practicing my former sales methods. Since utilizing FOCIS®' tools, I now enjoy hearing feedback such as, 'It's too bad more vendors don't conduct meetings the way you do' and 'This is one of the better meetings I've had in a long time.' These are the best compliments a relationship builder like me could receive."

--Rachael Noble, Mobi Wireless Management


Professional Services

"I want to say that I found the FOCIS® course very helpful and instructive. I constantly think about doing FOCIS® now with existing clients or when I meet business people in social settings. It has truly focused my marketing abilities. I attend a lot of CLE and such that is fluff and one does not learn anything new.  So it was good to go to this, which really had a lot of substance and was actually a challenge to do.  I enjoyed the classes and participating."

--Anthony Bruozas, Attorney, Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.

"We appreciate the good work you did with our attorneys this past year."

--Helen Adams, Partner, Dickinson, Mackaman Tyler & Hagen PC, Attorneys & Counselors

"Your sage advice has worked well. Eric Prezant (bankruptcy), Aaron Gelb (labor and employment) and I (financial, commercial and intellectual property litigation) have all been elected as shareholders in our respective areas.  I'd say you have a pretty solid record of success."

--Chad Schiefelbein, Vedder, Price, Kaufman, Kammholz

"Thanks to you and Terry for all your support. I feel the sales training was very beneficial to all the staff."

--Paul Schneider, Former CEO, SSP-BPI, Human Resource Consultants


Other Sectors

"About 24 hours after completing the second FOCIS® session, I put together a letter to a current prospect utilizing the FOCIS® methodology and asking for another meeting. The prospect knew he needed our services but still had reservations that kept him from moving forward. By the following week I heard back from him, and we're now in final negotiations to start providing our services in one more week."

--Bob Przybylak, Health Resources Alliance

"Your FOCIS® techniques are working wonders. More large engagements in the funnel than we've ever had. Some of those opportunities will begin working their way through."

--Pat Monahan, CEO, Riverside Graphics Corporation


"I wanted to thank you for the FOCIS® sessions and the information that you shared with our team.  I am excited by the energy and enthusiasm that the poured out of the room as the Regionals/Executives talked and explored the possibilities that could come as a result of the education and subsequent change in approach."

--Brad Miller, Vice President, Alliance Rehab

"I used the FOCIS® method in a sales call yesterday and it helped me close the business. In the past, I would have spent a great deal of time trying to establish my expertise. But the FOCIS® process was much more effective."

--James Franke, CFA, Vice President, Robert W. Baird & Co.

"FOCIS® Selling has some very strong ideas and concepts on value selling. The ideas were not new to me but I never felt I was able to do them justice when trying to explain them to our sales force.  The training put on by Productive Strategies made them very clear and very easy to understand for all of our salesmen and it easily became part of our everyday sales approach. The training also gave us some unique methods for making the approach effective. Great value!"

--Russ Holmer, President, Haumiller Engineering


Lead Generation and Appointment-Setting

"Generating solid, actionable leads for a business as complex as healthcare facility development is a challenging task but Productive Strategies has consistently delivered business opportunities over the 3 year period that we have worked together.  The most important aspect of Productive Strategies lead generation is their ability to completely understand our business model and translate our goals and objectives into consistent, viable business opportunities."

--Fred Campobaso, President, American Medical Development Corporation

"Your telemarketing program adroitly leverages all our "50,000 foot" marketing activities to secure the much needed and difficult to obtain appointments with qualified prospects. Your team helps us maximize sales force productivity by delivering telephone appointments with qualified prospects. I've worked with Productive Strategies at two different companies and in both cases they've delivered what they've promised-qualified prospects for our sales force to mine."

--John Kerastas, Director of Marketing, Smart Signal Corporation

"In our first 'face-to-face' from your leads, we met this morning with our prospect from Mass Mutual, who remarked that we were exactly what they'd been looking for and has asked us to put our thoughts into a proposal. Congratulations to you for your good work in getting us to exactly the right audience; we would never have found this opportunity on our own."

--Rich Zollino, Focus Productivity


"You continue to do a great job on these calls! You are handling our customers properly and finding many opportunities for Aerzen. I know what you do is difficult but it makes a large difference. Thanks for you stellar efforts!"

--Ralph Wilton, Marketing Manager, Aerzen USA Corporation


"Appointment confirmed at Archer Daniels Midland in Decatur for October 21st at 9 a.m.  In our e-mail conversation our prospect said, 'Kim was such a pleasure to speak to, as her tone and knowledgeable approach was warm and inviting.' Great work. Thanks."

--Lance Lane, Associate Director, Executive Education, University of Chicago Booth School of Business


"You really did a GREAT job [calling] this dealer list. We have gotten some excellent leads! I will keep you posted as they complete the enrollment process."

--Mary Szabo, Marketing Director, Strategic Feedback


"Your appointment calling services were the best marketing CNC has done in my six years here."

--D. Martin Slouka, Vice President, Creative Networking Concepts

"Thanks for doing such a great job.  People at the office have made comments on what a good ratio you have of calls to appointments. I hope I have the opportunity sometime to listen in and get some pointers!  But I actually prefer the meetings to the cold calls, so maybe I'll just leave it to the pros!"

--Shyama Sachi, Price Design Team



"We wanted to say how much we appreciated and how much value we received in your help with our recent implementation deal ($800,000). In particular, the way you helped us with our presentation to the senior management in terms of our competitive advantages and of making sure we hit all of their hot buttons gave us a leg up that we fortunately never relinquished. Your help was a big reason we ultimately won the deal. Your practical, crisp approach resonates well with our firm and more importantly it resonates well with our customers. Thanks."

--David W. Kwo, Principal, Logan Consulting

"I am very pleased with the [marketing audit] report. I have passed it on to one of our board members, and we will start working on the next stage very soon."

--Colin Johnston FCA, Chief Financial Officer. TheYouCompany, Iatros Solutions Inc., London

"The presentation compiled by Productive Strategies, Inc., was extremely valuable in helping us explain a complicated technical concept to non-technical prospects in a straightforward, visual manner. As such, the presentation has been transformed quite easily into many languages and translation effort is minimal. The presentation helps move the discussion into the cost of the problem and value of the solution phases. Moreover, it helps to catalyze brainstorming and question and answer sessions among end-user prospects and other stakeholders. We have now used the presentation you created for us in six countries."

--Ted Teberi, President, Arid Technologies Inc.