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The theme of our Website is "Our business is growing your business." That means that we help companies grow their revenues by overcoming marketing and sales challenges and pursuing their growth opportunities. We offer some 30 sales and marketing-related services and adapt them to each client's specific needs. Some clients engage us to be their outsourced marketing department. Our senior consultants perform marketing tasks and carry out programs our clients don't have the time, expertise, or desire to perform themselves. Our clients tell us we're very effective as a go-to outside resource, either ongoing or on a project basis.

We have extensive experience and expertise in sales process development, business-to-business lead generation and appointment setting, and marketing planning and communications.  Sales and marketing questions are among the most important that business owners and their senior executives can ask themselves.

Key Questions to Ask

1.     Is sales growth a problem?

2.     Are we reaching our objectives?

3.     Is it too hard to get leads and appointments and inquirers to quote?

4.     Do we fail to close the sales we should win?

5.     Are our sales cycles too long?

6.     What's the biggest challenge blocking our growth?

7.     How much do poorly performing salespeople cost me?

8.     Do we really hear the voice of the customer?

9.     How can we restart the growth that has made us successful?

10.   Do we have the right profile for our target market?

11.   Is our channel strategy robust?

12.   Do we clearly differentiate from competitors in ways that create value for our customers?

13.   Are our marketing communications doing the job?

14.  Does your company need more at bats (more appointments) or a better batting average (more closes on appointments you get)?

If you're not satisfied with your answers, we can lend a hand. These are the kinds of problems we've helped companies solve since 1993. We've been privileged to provide business-building solutions to clients in a variety of industries. Our clients include hundreds of companies in manufacturing, law firms and other professional services, general services, technology businesses, process and quality improvement consulting firms, and others.

Our goal is to help your company or organization meet its aggressive growth goals in the most affordable way possible by leveraging already existing marketing and sales resources.

Please call us to talk about what the status quo is costing your company.

Productive Insights

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