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Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Looking for top prospects who can be top customers? Want to turn the status quo into sales? Need more C-suite access?

Our professional appointment setters can put your professional salespeople and business developers where they need to be. We also offer a variety of other business-to-business calling campaign services.

  • Business-to-business lead generation specialists
  • Setting appointments with top executives for nearly 20 years
  • Proven calling campaign processes across industries and sectors
  • Dedicated inside sales professionals average 15 years experience
  • Top quality calling services for top quality results

"We work with Productive Strategies over the years because of your thoroughness in prospect qualification, your ability to bring in additional revenue, and your incredible rapport with our customers."

--Pat Hallahan, Marketing Coordinator, Clarke: Integrated Environmental Management, Mosquito Control, Aquatic Services

Meet the Decision Makers You Need to Meet

Getting your salespeople and business developers in front of the right decision makers is critical to growing your company because it's critical to making sales.

Since 1993 we've been developing and perfecting our approach to generating leads for products and services and to setting appointments with qualified decision makers. The quality of leads and appointments in business-to-business selling is much more important than quantity. In fact, for many of our clients a single sale can more than pay for the cost of an entire calling campaign. We work with you and with our own resources to identify the market segments with the most potential for your business, and then we get to work.

We determine, with you, the most effective approach, which might consist of a calling campaign supported by direct mail or e-mail; a direct mail campaign supported with calling; a straightforward calling campaign-or a combination of techniques designed to put your salespeople in front of the decision makers they need to see.

"Appointment confirmed at Archer Daniels Midland in Decatur for October 21st at 9 a.m.  In our e-mail conversation our prospect said, 'Kim was such a pleasure to speak to, as her tone and knowledgeable approach was warm and inviting.' Great work. Thanks."

--Lance Lane, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

Communicate Your Brand with Confidence in Our Professionals

Integrity is at the core of our approach. Our callers are professionals with extensive experience in identifying decision makers and persuading them to meet with salespeople whose products or services can benefit them. With at least 10 years of experience in inside sales, each of our callers is knowledgeable about business and business people.

They determine quickly, for example, whether a reticent prospect simply needs more time and information to make a decision or whether it's better to move on. Our regular reporting and conferencing with you develop an accurate sense of what the market is telling us about your product or service and about our approach. Sometimes we learn of new needs or competitive threats our clients were not aware of. We then adjust accordingly.

"Kim is an absolute joy to work with. She communicates well, she's timely, very prompt, and her attitude is outstanding."

--Joe Jackson, Vice President of Sales, North America, Pentair Water

Turn the Status Quo into Sales: Call Us Today at 847-446-0008

In addition to lead generation and appointment setting, our calling campaigns can help fill conferences and seminars with attendees, inform customers of regulatory changes, research markets about new products and services, and tackle just about any task in the B2B telephone marketing arena. We also have extensive list-development capabilities that target your campaigns.

People with phone headsets

Looking for
Sales Growth?

Let our calling professionals help your sales professionals.It's a winning combination!

"Kim is a joy to work with. Her attitude is outstanding!"

-Joe Jackson, VP Sales, NA, Pentair Water

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