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25 Years and Counting: Part 1

Posted by : Phil Krone  on  Mar 27, 2018

In January, Productive Strategies celebrated its 25th anniversary. This month we'd like to celebrate our clients-the people and the companies that have made it all possible. We'll do that here by introducing you to the varied industries and professionals they serve-and the impactful, often innovative things they do. Next month, we'll help you understand how we work with clients-and how they work with us-to enable us to do our best work.

So, what kinds of clients are we celebrating? Well, as we looked back in preparation for this anniversary, even we were surprised by extent and variety of the industries and professional services clients that we've helped improve their top lines, and we can't list them all here. But, as we hope you'll see, our processes cut across all business-to-business sectors:

A sampling


Manufacturing and technology, healthcare and US industrial/commercial real estate


Software development entrepreneurs, pharmacy benefits management


Construction of all types including interior, commercial/industrial, railroad


Law (32 firms) and law-related (post-trial administration and litigation consulting)


Interior design and architecture


Food companies, suppliers to major auto companies, not-for-profits


Education-university, high school, elementary


A manufacturer of jumbo industrial pumps


small wood working company with an exclusive contract for a national restaurant chain


Banking (local and national), investment firms, utilities


A pioneer in environmentally responsible public health mosquito control


Nurse case management, workers compensation technology


Long-term care-rehabilitation, pharmacy, housing, laundry management


Insurance (at agency and corporate levels), logistics


Specialized transportation and travel services


Accounting, engineering (including nuclear)


Construction of all kinds


Even a Division 1 college football team.

Interesting Facts, Insights, and Contributions from Our Clients


An international law firm asked us to provide consultative sales training only to women attorneys in eight US offices as part of its women's initiative program


One client uses as many as 18 semi-trailer trucks to transport staging, lights, equipment, and other myriad items for world-renowned entertainers on tour


Another entertainment-industry client ensures that travel documents are in order for all members of international touring shows covering multiple countries


An industrial/commercial real estate firm is the fastest-growing in the US. Our local office client developed a highly efficient proprietary process that significantly cuts time to market on new construction or renovation. Team members work in parallel instead of series.


A large law firm measured the results of our consultative sales training course FOCIS® and found that lawyers who participated did much better in gaining new business and collecting full fees


Fortune 500 manufacturer produces and maintains large pumps with a productive life of 25 years or more. We call regularly to keep our client up to date on its customers' needs.


A proprietary process enables a manufacturer to produce fasteners for the popular-and primarily aluminum-Ford F-150 truck. Fastening to aluminum and to plastic is notoriously difficult.


software developer created an innovative platform that determines and valuesspecific to individual companies, the intangibles required for transformative growth-including gaps in leadership and culture. We've helped to develop an effective sales process and approach to bring the product to market.


pharmacy benefits management firm whose business developers we trained was rated Fortune's fastest growing company in 2011. Over six years, the sales process we developed helped them grow from $1 billion dollars in annual sales to $20 billion.

A misconception
we sometimes run into with prospects is a concern that we're not necessarily experts in their industry or professional service area. Not unreasonably, they tend to think we can't help them increase sales, improve their access to markets and prospects, or boost their credibility and visibility in the marketplace. But, as we hope this list of clients clarifies, we can. We have a process for extracting the information we need from our clients to understand their business and their market-and to help them. Our revenue-growing experience and expertise cut across all business-to-business environments.

To learn more about how we might, or might not, be able to help you, please get in touch with us at 847-446-0008 or pkrone@productivestrategies.com.

Next Month: "Working Effectively with Prospects, Clients, and Customers."