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Trade-Show Support

Trade Show Planning & Marketing Services

Do you come away from trade shows with an overabundance of sales lead prospects, but without strategy or resources for follow-up and close? Or maybe you come away with virtually no usable leads and very little useful information about prospects, competitors, or the industry.

We offer reliable and effective trade show planning and marketing services to help clients wring more value out of their trade show investments. We assist in the planning of sales objectives for a trade show, train participants to staff a booth, and even become part of the sales team to broaden the trade show exhibit staff. We also plan and conduct a pre-show marketing strategy and activities that drive attendees to your booth. In addition, we develop an on-site trade show booth strategy and create concepts, designs, and copy for booth support items. We produce trade show marketing materials such as banners, videos, and marketing communications items.

A recent instance where we assisted our client in “planning and manning” a trade show booth illustrates the measurable success of our program. The client had exhibited in this trade show for ten years with only limited success but continued exhibiting each year because the company considered the trade show to be an important way to gain visibility in its industry. Armed with our help in training staff, developing a new marketing strategy for the trade show exhibit, and assisting with on-site show support, the client gained in just two days more prospects from this trade show than in the previous 10 years of participation combined.

Here is an overview of services we supply.

Training and Trade Show Marketing

Pre-show promotions to increase traffic flow to your booth
Rapid qualifying
Handling qualified prospects
Setting goals before the trade show
Individual assignments for those working the trade show
Booth behavior
Training in persuasive selling of complex services and products

Trade Show Planning & Assistance

Serving with your team at the trade show
Increasing traffic flow
Qualifying prospects
Closing sales
Creation of marketing materials, including video, PowerPoint, banners, brochures or sell sheets-even the booth itself

Trade Show Follow Through

Review of show results
Identify and catalog improvements for future shows
Strategy for the follow-up of both suspects and prospects
Call center support to follow up leads and set appointments for future meetings
Booth and exhibit storage and refurbishing.

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