White Papers

White Papers

Why have white papers become a premier business-to-business marketing tool?

White papers have shown themselves to be strong lead-generation tools. They differentiate a company, in part because they provide value before an engagement and do so in an educational, unbiased way. White papers are especially useful in business-to-business environments to nurture growing relationships characteristic of a longer sales cycle, build visibility, credibility, and relationships. They support growth over the long term and can be especially effective in highly competitive industries by bringing perspective to issues or providing new information that demonstrates a company’s expertise and willingness to share knowledge.

Research has shown, for example, that more than 85 percent of information technology executives surveyed find white papers to be helpful and more than 50 percent say white papers have influenced their buying decisions.

Our professional research and writing processes can assist your company in identifying key topics that can help you become a thought leader, a credible industry resource, or even a helpful guide for prospects seeking to learn more about your industry and, ultimately, your company. We’ll write or help you write about the topic, produce the final print piece or digital file, and develop a distribution plan that puts your white paper(s) in front of the right executive decision-makers.

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