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About Us

How We Can Help

As a management and marketing consulting firm, we work with owners and top management across industries to create and implement successful business-to-business growth strategies that reach aggressive yet realistic revenue and profit goals. We offer business development services such as consultative sales training, lead generation, appointment setting, Marketing communications, and nonprofit development services. Contact a specialist to learn more about our sales and business development solutions.

Revenue Growth

A variety of businesses and professional services firms turn to us to improve their revenue growth. In fact, about half of the people who receive FOCIS® training are professional salespeople. The other half are technical or professional service providers who also have business development responsibilities.

Client Versatility

Clients across industries benefit as we plan and implement strategies that we create together. We are prepared to support a company during its own implementation or to work as an extension of its management team on an outsourced basis.

Business Challenges

Every business faces challenges and opportunities in sales, marketing, and growth.

We support client business development in three key ways:

  1. Building consultative selling skills and customized sales processes
  2. Generating high-quality leads and setting appointments
  3. Increasing visibility and credibility in the marketplace.

Highly Effective

Whether single project, recurring, or as-needed, our services are highly effective for small businesses, mid-size companies, and large corporations. Our proprietary consultative sales training course, FOCIS®, enables salespeople, business developers, senior managers, owners and CEOs to sell the way the top salespeople do: that 20 percent of any sales force that bring in 80 percent of the business.

As a management and marketing consulting firm based in Northfield, Illinois, we work with owners and top management to create and implement successful business to business growth strategies that reach realistic yet aggressive revenue and profit goals. We consider marketing anything that affects the client’s ability to make a sale. Philip Krone is president of the firm, which he established in 1993.

Sales Training & Business Development Services

Other typical projects might include installing and conducting lead-generation and appointment-setting programs, developing professional sales presentations, and creating key marketing messages and collateral materials that gain attention and customers. Some clients use our services on a recurring basis, bringing us in to perform an annual marketing audit, conduct regular sales and persuasion training meetings, or work with a client’s distributors one day per month. We are often called on to help close a major sales opportunity or help to create a strategy for a key target account.

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