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Many companies and professional service firms compete in the business-to-business arena. Unfortunately, too few fully appreciate the challenges such an environment presents to the sales professional or business developer.

The business-to-business sales environment is tough because it requires salespeople to do much more than just educate prospects about their product or service. In a complex sale, they must persuade as well and that requires strong skills in consultative selling. In addition, although skilled consultative selling reduces or even eliminates the need for negotiating, being successful in business means being successful in negotiations.

A complex sale is one in which the goods and services being sold carry high value, there is high risk to the buyer, the willingness of the buyer to assume such risk is low, multiple sales calls are required, the decision to buy is not made in the seller’s presence, and a group, not an individual, is usually making the decision.

We help companies overcome the challenges of closing complex sales with customized sales process development, consultative sales training, customized presentations, sales coaching in the field, improving ROI of trade show participation, and even supplying a virtual sales team that can be activated quickly when your sales force has too many calls to make and then deactivated just as quickly when business returns to normal. 

You and your team can benefit from two, highly effective sales training courses we offer in selling for complex products and services and in negotiation: FOCIS® Selling and FOCIS® Negotiating. Be sure to ask us for a complimentary assessment of how much more business you could be bringing in with improved skills and sales techniques in both of these critical areas. Our sales training courses and business development services are designed to enhance sales and increase your customer base.

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Customized Presentation Development

We’ll work with you and your unique challenges to create planned, persuasive presentations that can be readily adapted to different selling or business development environments.

Customized Sales Process Development and Sales Training

Learn how to stay in control of the sales process, reduce or eliminate the number of objections from your prospects, double your success rate on non-referred sales leads, and shorten your sales cycle.

Sales Coaching

We provide that service extensively and effectively for any company in any industry selling in a complex sales environment.

Virtual Sales Team

Some of our clients use us as their outsourced sales department. We act as their “virtual sales team.” Others engage us when there are more sales opportunities than their current sales force can cover but not enough to justify hiring another full-time sales person.

Trade-Show Support

We help our clients wring more value out of their trade-show investments in several ways. We assist in the planning of sales objectives for a trade show, train participants to staff a booth, and even become part of the sales team to broaden the trade show exhibit staff.

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