Consultative Selling

FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Presentation


Consultative Selling

CONSULTATIVE SELLING: FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Presentation

Develop consultative selling skills and a sales process customized to individual industries, companies, and business developers.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or

The FOCIS® course includes four separate in-class sessions over three months plus reinforcement, custom-sales process development, and coaching on current business opportunities between classes. Remaining scheduled class dates are listed here. Other classes are scheduled depending on demand. Class size is limited.

How do rainmakers stay on top? In any company or firm, 20 percent of the business developers bring in 80 percent of the business. They out-produce other sales reps and business developers at a rate of as much as 15 to 1. We teach just how the top producers meet their goals.

Sections scheduled for 2020

June Section: June 18 and 19, July 16, and August 14
July Section: July 22 and 23, August 12, and September 13
August Section: August 12 and 13, September 9, and October 9
September Section: September 16 and 17, October 7, and November 6
October Section: October 14 and 15, November 13, and December 11

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