Development Services for Nonprofits

Development Services for Nonprofits

This suite of services addresses the growing challenges to funding and organization sustainability in the nonprofit and social-impact world. Our mission is to empower you to realize your mission. These services include:

Development and fundraising training
Development campaign administration
Grant writing
Nonprofit ecosystem training

If you’re engaged with a nonprofit, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Is your board of directors comfortable with—and effective at—fundraising?
  2. Is your development team treading water with current funders or actively searching and producing new relationships?
  3. Can you attract and retain talented development professionals?
  4. Do you have a nuanced fundraising communication strategy tailored to emerging trends and implemented throughout all levels of your organization?
  5. Do you rely too much on one or a handful of funders?

Our services can help transform the way you develop resources to pursue your mission:

FOCIS® Nonprofit and Social Impact: A version of our proprietary, time-tested FOCIS® consultative sales training course with a curriculum altered to meet the demands of nonprofit and social impact organizations. With this course, your leadership can dramatically improve its fundraising success rate.
Grant Writing and Development Campaign Administration: It’s time-consuming and demanding to manage current funders while submitting proposals to attract new funding. Our grant-writing team develops strategically nuanced proposals to help you break out of the status quo.
Nonprofit Ecosystem Training: Board members, executives, and development staff can benefit from understanding how nonprofits interact within their organizational ecosystem—a wide array of interdependent participants, including institutions, individuals, education initiatives, and groups. To successfully pursue their missions, nonprofits must engage with these stakeholders in a strategic way. Through a customized needs assessment, training, and strategy development process, nonprofits can better manage relationships in their organizational ecosystem.

We look forward to serving the committed men and women working toward strengthening our society through positive goals and actions. To learn more, please contact us at 847-446-0008 or pkrone@productivestrategies.

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