Negotiating Skills

Negotiating Skills

NEGOTIATING SKILLS FOR TODAY: FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Negotiations

This interactive workshop provides two days of learning, skill-building, and role-playing that tackle the new negotiating challenges of today’s business world. This course covers negotiation and persuasive communication.

Is a win-win approach to negotiation always the best way to go? When do you “play hardball” to get what you need? What are the keys to preparing for a negotiation?

These questions and many others are answered in  FOCIS® Discovery, Focused Negotiations, a two-day, interactive course that builds contemporary negotiating skills.

Private courses for companies or organizations by request. No public/open courses.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 or

FOCIS® Negotiating is based on the discovery principles of consultative selling applied to another skill essential for success in business and is a course in both negotiation and communication. The course is modular with a variety of examples, exercises, and role plays that build on each other from one session to the next. Each participant receives a practical, 147-page workbook that reinforces course content.

Contact: Phil Krone

847-446-0008, Ext:1

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