Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills


Do you sometimes feel unsure about how successful you are when presenting in front of groups, guiding meetings with colleagues, or persuading family and friends?

This popular two-day interactive course focuses on individual opportunities for improving delivery and making the most of already developed presentation and communications strengths.

Designed to take your presentation and communication skills to the “next level”-your next level-the course not only increases your confidence but also your effectiveness. The facilitator’s goals are to identify opportunities for improvement while enhancing each participant’s natural presentation strengths.

Highly interactive and energizing, this workshop is dedicated to creating a safe, collaborative, and productive learning environment.

What does that mean? You’ll learn, practice, and adapt proven delivery methods to better connect with audiences of all sizes. Additionally, you’ll experience the value of professional and peer critiques as well as a private, guided self-assessment of your presentations videotaped in class

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