Client Testimonials

Incredible Opportunity

“I can’t thank you enough for the incredible opportunity to take part in your sales training course these past few months. I think back to the way I used to sell, and I just can’t believe that I thought it was a good way to sell. I feel far more comfortable and connected to my prospects than I ever did before your course. My hope is for the Merchandise Mart to make this course standard for every sales team to not only increase the quality and quantity of sales but also to instill a sense of pride and ownership in the jobs we do every day.”

–Stephanie Fonda, Former Sales Manager, BuildEx, Chicago Merchandise Mart

Doubled Our Sales!

“Before taking FOCIS Selling our revenue was stuck at the same level for 3-4 years.  We began using the custom sales process developed in the FOCIS classes and we now have a backlog in 2019 that is more than double what our sales were pre-FOCIS.”

–Don Zuidema, President, Restore Works, Griffith, Indiana

Easiest 10-location sale I have ever made.

“A recent sale I made where I used the FOCIS® concept selling technique was the easiest 10-location sale I have ever made.

–John Taylor, AIR-serv

It was such a pleasure to learn so much strategic information from the client

“I wanted to share some feedback from our call earlier this week. This prospect is our single largest health-plan opportunity in the pipeline, worth over $900 million annually.  I led the call and followed the FOCIS®approach from start to finish. This was easily the most informational and persuasive sales call I have experienced in several years. The prospect brought many of their internal business owners to the meeting, each of whom was an expert in their specific area.  What transpired was literally a FOCIS® clinic. It was such a pleasure to learn so much strategic information from the client. There are still a number of issues that could prevent this deal from happening – but we improved our overall position in a big way. More than ever, I am a BIG BELIEVER in the FOCIS® process.  It really worked! Thanks for all your help in reshaping our selling process.”

–Mark Thierer, CEO, Catamaran, Formerly SXC

We benefited

“We benefited greatly from FOCIS® training.”

–Stephen Proctor, Attorney, Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd.

Tip of the Iceberg for this customer

“I had some very productive meetings yesterday in Washington D.C.  One customer I met with told us our opportunity to participate in a deal was closed. However, using some basic FOCIS® techniques I kept him talking and understanding the implication of doing this deal alone. I Just found out he is giving us the deal, which is not only a good starter deal for us but maybe the tip of the iceberg for this customer.”

–Josh Garret, Bluefish Wireless Management

Generating solid, actionable leads for a Business

“Generating solid, actionable leads for a business as complex as healthcare facility development is a challenging task but Productive Strategies has consistently delivered business opportunities over the 3 year period that we have worked together.  The most important aspect of Productive Strategies lead generation is their ability to completely understand our business model and translate our goals and objectives into consistent, viable business opportunities.”

–Fred Campobaso, President, American Medical Development Corporation

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