Are Your Employees All Thumbs When It Comes to Communicating?

Generation Y and the Millennium Generation communicate quickly and often with multiple people simultaneously. They are adept at social networks, Blackberries and Instant Messaging. If you have observed your own children carrying on instant message dialogues with several recipients while they type their homework, listen to music, and talk over their shoulders to whomever else is in the room, you know what I’m talking about.

They’re whizzes at computer-based communicating-but most are not prepared as well as prior generations for the types of face-to-face communication so important in business. They lack essential skills in knowing how to listen, have a balanced dialogue, and make persuasive arguments.

Here are some of the challenges they need help with:

a). Communicating in an advisory, consultative mode

b). Reducing the timeframe to be viewed as an expert

c). Creating trust quickly

d). Positioning current information for optimal impact

e). Upgrading conversational skills

f). Changing behavior within meetings with prospects and clients

g). Learning to initiate, build, and sustain relationships better

h). Learning to help create value and communicate value

i). Increasing their influence over others

j). Reducing the level of negotiation

Productive Strategies offers workshops that help teach communication skills that enable people to communicate and persuade in both one-on-one conversations and in group settings where persuasive arguments are often required.

The companies approaching us to help improve the communication skills of their junior people rarely mention an interest in improving their sales skills. As a by-product, improving their communication shortcomings will also make them stronger business developers.

This is a bonus. Many companies are concerned not so much about how their mid and lower level people develop business; they just want to be sure that they can communicate clearly and effectively with their peers and their clients. If this is an issue at your company and you wish to learn more about addressing it, please contact us.


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