Do You Earn the Right to Close?

We believe that consultative selling can be defined as creating value during the sales process–that creating value before the sale gives you the right to close because you’ve earned it. The question for every salesperson then is, how do you create value?

We find that probably 75 percent of salespeople and other business developers don’t know the answer to that question. They may think they do because they show up, ask  questions, and make presentations as if to say, “I’m here. Isn’t that enough?”

Showing up is indeed essential. But it’s not enough. Even though Woody Allen did say, “Eighty percent of success in life is showing up,” he left us hanging. What about the other 20 percent? The part that says you can’t score if you don’t shoot?

Creating value during the sales process, we’ve found, is the most effective way to differentiate yourself. In fact, we’ve  identified 19 different ways that sales people can create value for their prospects and customers. One of these, for example, is helping prospects understand the problems they are experiencing that they don’t even know they have.

If you’d like to know more about creating value, please get in touch at 847-446-0008 or  We’ve helped thousands of salespeople, executives, and other business developers learn how to create customized value and earn the right to close.


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