Focusing on Charisma

By definition you can’t become charismatic. You either are charismatic or you aren’t. But you can develop some of the traits charismatic leaders come by naturally and increase your ability to influence and lead people.

For example, no matter how large the crowd, a charismatic speaker makes nearly everyone feel he is speaking directly to each of them as individuals.  “That’s just how Ifeel,” you’ve heard people exclaim after a powerful speech or even after a small group discussion with a dynamic leader.  You’ve probably felt that way yourself a time or two.

To develop a similar skill on a smaller scale, practice it in your day-to-day interactions. How? In this age of multitasking, you make a powerful statement simply by putting your stuff away, suggests Jeff Haden on  Turn off your smart phone, close your laptop, put that Kindle down, ignore your e-mail.  People will see what you’re doing and appreciate you for doing it. You’ll get a reputation for being “present” and “in the moment” at all times. That will attract members to your team or at least help them consider your side of nearly any debate.

In the language of marketing, you’re differentiating yourself, not by telling people you’re different but by showing them.

But it can be difficult in today’s world. Because we ourselves might expect immediate responses to nearly any communication, we might also feel obligated to respond immediately when someone calls, texts, or e-mails us. But you can’t listen to someone-really listen-when you are constantly checking “stuff.”

In meetings, make a point of shutting down external communications. Set your Blackberry or iPhone to “silent” or, if you have the will, turn it off and put it away in purse or pocket. Then, ask others to do the same.

In our consultative sales training course, FOCIS®, we advise salespeople, executives, and other business developers  to take notes during a sales call. That shows you’re sincere about the meeting and that you are serious about understanding your prospect’s goals and challenges. Plus, there’s no way you can check your e-mail if you’re asking questions and taking notes.

Do you have ideas on how to develop a charismatic traits? Do you agree or disagree with my thinking here? Please let me know what you think. I guarantee I’ll pay attention.


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