Hope, Hunger, and You

Last year, a remarkable organization called Feed My Starving Children engaged 900,000 volunteers to “pack” 229 million highly nutritious meals designed to save the lives of severely malnourished children ( www.fmsc.org).

A tall order, to be sure. But you can help in a fun, hands-on way and network as you’ve never networked before.

You’re invited to join us on Tuesday, August 11,
from 4 to 6 p.m., at Chicago’s Union Station,
for a Special Service and Networking Opportunity

Cocktail Reception Follows at a Nearby Restaurant
Hosted by Productive Strategies

On August 11, we and at least 25 of our clients, prospects, members of our professional networking groups, and readers of this column will be packing some 5,500 highly nutritious meals designed by food scientists specifically to reverse and prevent severe malnutrition in children. We’ll get to know each other by sharing this special service experience and then networking afterward in the usual way at a reception we’re hosting for our packing group.

To reserve your spot for this special experience
just mail a check for $100 payable to “Feed My Starving Children” to:

Phil Krone, President, Productive Strategies,
Two Northfield Plaza #365, Northfield, IL 60093

Be sure to include your full contact information.
Your donation funds 455 meals and is tax deductible.
Spots are Limited

Two hours of packing meals with others is just plain fun. It’s one of the reasons FMSC can rely on volunteer efforts and use 92 percent of all contributions to directly support its programs to feed severely malnourished children. The ingredients for one of these life-saving meals cost just 22 cents. Your generous donation will thus fund 455 meals that, dry packed, have a shelf life of about 18 months.

It’s difficult to appreciate but these children are not simply hungry, which would be bad enough. These are not children who might die, who could die, or with luck might well hold on until help arrives. No, these children will not-cannot-hold on, even until tomorrow. These children are starving, and they will die. All of them. But millions of others can be saved.

The numbers are almost inconceivable. Take 6,200, for example. That’s the number of children who die from hunger or hunger-related causes in the world each day. Do the math and you get 2.6 million children dying of starvation each year.

For the past nine years, Charity Navigator has ranked Feed My Starving Children among the top one percent of 7,000 charitable organizations for good governance and efficient management. To ensure effective distribution of the meals, FMSC deals directly with a carefully selected network of established, “boots on the ground” humanitarian organizations in each country. Feed My Starving Children accepts no government aid.

A faith-based not-for-profit, Feed My Starving Children is dedicated to saving the lives and restoring the good health of starving children throughout the world regardless of religious belief, ethnic background, or political circumstances.


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