Match Making: Process to Prospect

Are you a successful sales matchmaker? Do you match a sales process with a type of sale with a type of audience?

Some salespeople wing it. Others use the same process with every prospect. But the best salespeople use sales processes customized by type of product or service and by type of audience. “Best” means the 20 percent who consistently bring in 80 percent of all new business.

What types of sales are there? For either a product or service, your offering could

–Enjoy some differentiation

–Have no differentiation–a commodity

–Be brand new in a known category

–Be “new to the world”–revolutionary

–Be known but launching as a new model.

What about audiences? Here’s a sampling,

–End users

–Small business owner-operators

–Corporate procurement teams

–New referral sources

–Potential strategic partners

No formal sales process or one that’s used for every match-up of product and audience practically guarantees a low success rate.  But match-making customized sales processes with specific products with specific audiences can improve your results significantly.

We know because we’ve helped client companies develop custom sales processes for myriad combinations of products, services, and audiences. Offerings have ranged from revolutionary new products to differentiating commodities by helping clients add value they never thought possible.

Are you a successful matchmaker? Please give us a call at 847-446-0008, and let’s talk about it.

Phil Krone is president of Productive Strategies, Inc., a marketing and management consulting firm he founded in 1993. The firm specializes in growing revenues for its clients through consultative sales training, business-to-business lead generation and appointment-setting, and marketing and marketing communications. Phil can be reached at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 and at


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