New Handy Guide to Growth

Ever wish an expert business growth advisor always had your back? Someone who could help you ask the right questions and guide you to the right answers? Sure, we all do. Unfortunately, that really is wishful thinking.

Growth-oriented small business owners, however, might consider as a constant companion a handy new guide that offers new ways to look at building a successful business.

It’s called Expressway to Growth: A Practical Guide for Business Owners. (We got an early look at this book because we were asked to review its contents before publication.)

Author Nick Arvis draws on 30 years of experience as a business owner as well as a valued confidante and counsel to other business owners. The result is an especially straightforward and easy-to-read guide to building and running a company.

In just 74 pages, Expressway to Growth provides eight “accelerator” questions for owners of growing companies to ask not only about their businesses but also about themselves.

“It’s hard for small business owners to separate their personal lives from the lives of their companies,” Arvis explains. “And they don’t have the time or resources to invest in comprehensive written business plans, let alone implement and monitor them.”

The book shows owners how to manage their companies over time while running them day to day with personal and family goals clearly in mind.

Arvis’s management mantra for small business owners is to be accountable to themselves and to all of their stakeholders. He offers easy-to-understand ways to do just that and illustrates them with brief profiles of business owners he’s assisted, often by facilitating CEO roundtables.

The book is available in Kindle format on Amazon for $2.99 and in print for $12.34. Learn more and see what business owners have to say at

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