Productive Strategies Can Help You Discover Sales Growth

Most companies can’t identify which factor in their sales and marketing mix would, if changed, result in the most increase in revenue. Frankly, we don’t know what your number one sales challenge is either..

We do, however, have a process for figuring it out. While helping hundreds of companies we have found:

  • Some need strategic help; otherstactical
  • Some need a marketing plan; others require help in implementation Some need more leads in the pipeline; others should focus on closing a higher percentage of existing opportunities
  • Some need a more powerful sales process in order to be successful in high stakes competitions; others would benefit from being invited to the “short list” dance
  • Some feel they have to differentiate more from competition so buyers can’t commoditize them; others would benefit from being able to communicate the differentiation more efficiently within the sales process
  • Some need a shorter sales cycle; others need to shorten the time frame for new sales people to become cost effective
  • Some need to build up their channel of distribution; others have to learn to sell direct because the channel has become dominated by order takers
  • Some need more suspects and prospects in their database; others need a new database engine to track their customer relationships
  • Some need to strengthen selling skills; others need product training for their employees, distribution channel, or customer

Is your greatest challenge listed above?

Our suggestion: Have a discussion at your firm to answer the question about the number one challenge. Try to prioritize the various shortcomings you identify. There might be consensus and you can begin to address the issue. If you need help, keep reading.

Our offer: We will meet with you for an in-depth session to help you identify your greatest sales challenge-the one that, if overcome, would result in the greatest return on your marketing investment. There is no charge for this. Our fees are earned helping companies implement the solution.

If interested, please contact me.


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