Record Sales in 2018? Try This!

Beat your personal best in 2018 by developing your consultative selling skills, building a customized sales process, and getting hands-on help in closing deals. Sell like the top producers sell–the 20 percent who consistently bring in 80 percent of all new business.

Our highly popular and highly productive consultative sales course, FOCIS®, supports the individual and team growth so vital to boosting corporate sales in any industry and developing practice areas in professional services firms.

The FOCIS® course comprises four separate sessions over three months. Here are the four-session dates for each new section launch:

  • May 21 and 22, June 18, and July 16
  • June Section: Dates to be Determined
  • July 9 and 10, August 6, and September 12
  • August 13 and 14, September 10, and October 8
  • September Section: Dates to be Determined
  • October 9 and 10, November 5, and December 3.

New sections are scheduled to begin monthly throughout 2018. Open classes are conducted at the Productive Strategies offices in Northfield, Illinois, just north of the intersection of the Edens Expressway and Willow Road and west of the expressway.

Is FOCIS® right for your business developers or your sales team?

To find out, contact Phil Krone (847-446-0008 / Learn more about all of Our Services designed to grow the topline through consultative sales training, lead generation, and marketing communications. Our Courses also include “Negotiation Skills for Today,” “Warming Up to Cold Calling,” and “Referrals: The Workshop.”


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