Referrals: The Workshop

Are you getting enough referrals?  Are the referrals you get paying off in business?

If not, our latest skills-building course for acquiring more business may be right for you and your team. “Referrals: The Workshop” helps develop the skills and behaviors you need to boost the number of useable referrals you receive now. And it lays the groundwork for continuing referrals over the course of your career.

“Referrals: The Workshop” provides four hours of professional skills development training, customization for your market and industry, and practical exercises and role plays. Corporate groups learn how to begin building a “referrals” culture.

Open classes are conducted at the Productive Strategies offices in Northfield, Illinois, just north of the intersection of the Edens Expressway and Willow Road and west of the expressway.

Contact: Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or

You’ll learn to . . .

  • Improve your referral-getting-and giving-skills
  • Convey your expertise and build trust faster
  • Understand the driving forces behind acquiring referrals
  • Identify tactics and behaviors that work for you
  • Provide real value through referrals
  • Build the right attitude for referral success
  • Develop simple metrics to track your success
  • Use referrals to penetrate both current and new accounts more effectively
  • Increase referrals from clients and other contacts
  • Become more comfortable and efficient as a business developer
  • Access decision-makers more efficiently
  • Understand why you’re not getting the referrals you think you should be
  • Appreciate why acquiring referrals is a process
  • How the “ask” in the referral process really works
  • And much more.

Build your business much more efficiently by developing a much more productive referrals process. To learn more about “Referrals: The Workshop,” contact Phil Krone at 847-446-0008 Extension 1 or


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