Stop Selling for the Holidays?

Business-to-business sellers can come up with all sorts of reasons their prospects and customers just don’t buy during the holidays. What happens? Sellers just stop selling. And why not? During the holidays everyone knows that buyers are . . .

  1. Getting ready for the holidays. They’re too busy to listen to sellers–especially you.
  2. Celebrating the holidays. They’re too busy to meet with sellers–especially you.
  3. Enjoying the holidays and want to forget about business for a while. If they let you show them great products at great prices, you’ll remind them of the business they’re trying to forget and ruin their happy holiday mood. They would never allow that.

Do these complaints sound familiar? If they do because they’re coming from the mouths of your colleagues, put your hands over your ears fast. If they sound familiar because they’re coming from your mouth, pick up the phone fast and call a current account, a new prospect, or even you mother: Just be sure you stop telling yourself that buyers don’t buy during the holidays.

The only reason buyers don’t buy during the holidays is because sales “professionals” don’t ask them to buy.

Have you ever thought that maybe all those bad-news buyers are in a good mood that will be good for your business?

Or maybe, in addition to getting ready for the holidays, they’re getting ready to jump start the new year and your products are just what they’re looking for.

Or maybe, because business is “slow,” they have time on their hands and would talk to you for five minutes–or 60. After all, nobody else is trying to sell them anything and that means they’re not buying anything, right?

You get the picture, I hope. Don’t let the holiday jeers coming from your colleagues–or even from you–keep you from selling during the holidays. Buyers do buy during the holidays if you can identify problems your product can solve for them and persuade them of the value of your solution.


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