Sustainable Growth? Here’s How

Growth is good. Sustainable growth is better. But what does it take?

Two successful business owners and accomplished presenters, Phil Krone and David Johnson, will offer answers on March 12, from 8 to 10:30 a.m., in Glenview, Illinois. The format will be a stimulating back-and-forth conversation about how to get business development and operations on the same page–and keep them there.

Registration, breakfast, and networking start at 7:30. The complimentary event will be at the North Shore Country Club, 1340 Glenview Road.

Krone, president of Productive Strategies, Inc., will talk about his proven business development model: The Five Levels of Marketing. Which level are you on? How do you get to the next one? What are the returns?

Johnson, founding partner of ACM Partners, LLC, will emphasize how he learned the hard way that growth plans must be Aspirational, Directional, and Measurable. He’ll also explain when growth is Good, when it’s Bad–and how to tell the difference.



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