You have a great product. You have loyal customers. But do your customers know all of the problems you solve with your products or services? Do your employees know which products or services best solve your customers’ problems?

Think of product training as an extension of your marketing program. Your audience is already persuaded to use what you have to offer-they need to learn how to use it well to maximize the return on their investment.’

Product training can expand your relationship with your customer or client. The people who attend training may or may not be the same people who made the decision to purchase your product. When training is done well, you will extend the number and depth of relationships between your own and your customers’ employees.

Further, your training program will expose your customers to the breadth of products and services you provide, outside of the sales process. When employees of several customers attend the same class, they learn from each other, as well as from you. When your customers start to teach each other about the problems you solve for them, it can lead to additional sales for you.

Your own employees will benefit from product training too. Do your sales people either oversell or undersell your product and services? Do you have silos of specialization within your organization? Do your salespeople have difficulty cross-selling or up-selling?

Sometimes salespeople will sell what they know-even if another product would be a better fit. On the other end of the spectrum, some salespeople will make unrealistic claims for a product. Neither situation leads to a positive vendor-client relationship.

How much more would your current customers buy from you if they received expert product training? How much could be added if your employees knew all that they should about product offering? We can help you answer these questions as well as help you implement the solution. We can build the course and teach it; or train your people to provide the instruction.


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