Yes, You Can Write a Book

No, I don’t mean like the one on your nightstand, the one you think you’re reading as you doze off and turn out the light.

I mean a book that you write–sharing your wisdom, explaining how you got where you are, demonstrating your expertise, telling all those entertaining and enlightening “war stories” that make your points “crystal.”

A book that builds your business or your career.

Don’t laugh. You just might have one inside. If you’re successful, you no doubt have the experience and the expertise to help your readers improve their performance. Many of us have thought about writing a book. Some of us have even tried it.

But like dieting and exercising we’ve found it too time-consuming or difficult over the long haul. Plus we might think of writing as lonely drudgery–the isolated writer burning the midnight oil. Not true!

Unlike diet and exercise, there is a way not only to speed up the book-writing process but also to virtually guarantee you’ll reach your goal. It’s a proven method to develop, shape, and polish your rough ideas and get them printed or digitized for the world: Work with a professional writer or editor.

Sure, a nutrition coach or a personal trainer can help you take off the pounds or put on the muscle. But they can’t actually get the job done for you. A professional writer or editor can.

While the process is not completely turn-key–you’ll still need to diligently watch what you write and get your brain off the couch to do serious road work–a professional scribe can actually make your book a reality. A personal trainer can’t give you her six-pack abs. A nutritionist can’t give you his low cholesterol count. But a professional writer can translate their talent into your words.

As any journalist knows, a good story gives the reader the 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, and why. An even better story also tells how and what it means.

Well, this column has given you a taste of the “who”–you–and the “what”–your book. But there’s a lot more to the story: why you might want to write a book; how it can be done efficiently, done well,  and be published; and what it can mean to your business or your career.

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Scott Pemberton is a senior consultant at Productive Strategies, Inc., specializing in sales, marketing, and executive communications. In a 35-year professional creative and business career, he has launched more than 60 new publishing products. He’s helped scores of authors–“Pros” and “Joes” alike–put their thoughts into words and their words into print, on the Web, and across media. He’s been thinking about writing a book for a long time. You can reach him at or 312-560-0992.


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