Expert Panel Focuses on Sales Process

How do the very best salespeople sell? Those top salespeople who bring in the lion’s share of all new business?

Find out at  “What Every President, CEO, and Owner Must Know about the Sales Process” on Thursday, March 10. Phil Krone, president or Productive Strategies, will moderate the panel. Senior Consultant Scott Pemberton will serve as a panel member. The panel will be in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont, Illinois, from 7:30 to 10 a.m.. Cost is $25.

The best salespeople know how to deliver value throughout the sales process before they complete the sale. That’s the definition of true consultative selling. Unfortunately, most business-to-business sales processes are transactional. Almost all of the value comes at the end in the deliverable.

What’s the difference? How does it work? How can true consultative selling set your product or service apart from the competition?

Designed for presidents, CEOs, and owners, this panel will answer those questions. It will explore the ways your sales force can create value for your prospects during the sales process. Be sure to join your peers for this special event. Learn how you can help your sales team build a truly consultative, highly productive sales process.

To learn more, visit “What Every President, CEO, and Owner Must Know about the Sales Process” or call 800-736-3592.


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