How Do Top Salespeople Build More Business Faster?

Do you rate your ability as a business developer as high as you rate your skill in your area of expertise?

If not, you’re probably not reaching your potential for successfully landing new clients and expanding your business with current clients. You need to improve your “batting average.” You can be making more sales to clients and prospects alike.

How do top salespeople build more business faster? They behave in specific ways that other salespeople do not. The idea behind their success is really that simple. But putting it into practice is more challenging.

That’s where we come in. Our FOCIS® consultative selling program teaches the behaviors and persuasive selling skills the very best salespeople use to stay on top. FOCIS® can improve selling skills, shorten the time it takes to make a sale, improve client satisfaction, and build a highly productive sales process.

The four-session program comprises 16 hours of workshops over approximately three months. Consulting between sessions is included to help ensure that your new selling knowledge transfers to your day-to-day selling experiences.

I am offering a special price for Travelers Partner Agents of 25 percent off the standard cost of the FOCIS® program. The first session will be Tuesday, July 14, from 8 a.m. to noon at our offices in Northfield, Illinois. The course is highly interactive and limited to 12 participants. Your special price for four sessions is $3,000, instead of the standard $4,000. We’re sure you’ll find that to be pennies compared to the sales growth and success that learning and using FOCIS® can bring you.

To register or just to learn more about how FOCIS® can benefit you and your organization, please contact me at 847-446-0008 Ext. 7 or at Additional information is also available at

Our company, Productive Strategies, Inc., focuses on sales and marketing and has been accelerating business revenue growth for our client companies for 16 years in a variety of industries, including insurance. We look forward to helping you accelerate your revenue growth as well.


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